MMIM Micro Residency, 2014

MMIM Micro Residency took place on 27 & 28 August 2014 in the Park Centre, Baxter Park, Dundee.

Following an Open Call, five artists were invited to take part in the two day MMIM Micro Residency to research and/or produce new site-responsive work at the Park Centre.


Micro Residents were invited to share their responses at Open Stage, which coincided with the Preview of May Meet In Mutual exhibition in the Park Centre, Baxter Park, Dundee on Friday 29 August.


Six artists took part in MMIM Micro Residency: Frances Davis, Pauline M. Hynd with Emil Max Thompson, David McLeish, Bobby Sayers, and Lada Wilson.

More Information about the Micro Residents:

Frances Davis:
(T)Here: Digital/Physical, 2013 (still from performance)
(T)Here: Digital/Physical, 2013 (still from performance)

Frances Davis works with time(s) and space(s), and with voice(s), across performance, video and writing. Using processes of re-enactment and appropriation, she explores the pressure of the past on the present, and the places in which this is made manifest.

Her practice is research-led and her work is increasingly made manifest through collaborative working relationships and curatorial processes.

David McLeish
David McLeish, Photography by Robert McLeish

Oh boy! David McLeish explores, and intertwines, memory, teenage melodrama, nostalgia, psychology, popular culture and the social history of himself, others and how these narratives are inextricably linked to place and time. Using processes that are usually associated with method acting; or through experiencing and doing, this is then documented through either written, sound, video, installation work or a combination thereof.

He doesn’t create mountains out of the molehills of minutiae, but presents minutiae as is; unashamed and (hopefully) no less beautiful for it.

His work is often bittersweet, occasionally sardonic, in his frequent investigation of inaccessible pasts and how this relates to the (no-time-like-the) present; work created as a form of time-travelling catharses or self-help, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that the next leap will be the leap home…

Pauline Meikleham with Emil Max Thompson

See Pauline Meikleham and Emil Max Thompson’s work developed during the MMIM Micro Residency here:

Pauline Meikleham is a writer and performance artist with a background in participatory theatre practice. She is currently working as one half of the duo The Onion Club who create emotive and multi layered musical performances through the intimate medium of cabaret.  For May Meet In Mutual she will work with site specific artist and digital composer Emil Max Thompson to develop a creative response to the the environment of Baxter Park where she spent her childhood and adolescence, living on Eden Street between 1969 and 1982.  Pauline also works as a creative learning manager and coach with Angus Council.

Baxter Park is a real place, in real time, but it also exists as a kind of imaginative landscape in my mind, an emerald island in the urban scape where all my childhood and adolescent selves converge, where I am simultaneously five, nine, eleven, fifteen. Green spaces are designed within cities to function like green lungs, allowing us to breathe more deeply.  Baxter Park, then and now, has that quality of oasis, of a place to just be, just breathe, sometimes it is quite empty when you visit and you can feel a complete sense of peace and sanctuary.  At other times it hosts a surprising range of activities, from family picnics to weddings to rock concerts, but still all around an ancient peace prevails.  When I plunked off school aged 14/15 I was often alone and I remember sinking into a kind of reverie, sitting on daisy hill, suffused in my own thoughts and feelings, experiencing quite a different self to the one I showed my family and friends as a young would be punk in 1978.

Emil Max Thompson is a sculptor, painter, musician and digital artist currently undertaking an MA with DJCAD, Dundee.   His research involves mapping the inspirational topography of the urban landscape through a process of storytelling, writing and research – which draws on the inherent but often invisible cultural heritage of the city. By recognising how a deep sense of place pervades the creativity of it’s inhabitants and by re-telling and reflecting upon our own experiences of living here we aim to make manifest an ephemeral cultural strata and acknowledge how the ‘genius loci’ influences the nature and identity of the local creative experience.

For May Meet In Mutual he will collaborate with writer and artist Pauline Meikleham to give shape to her memories and reflections triggered by the environment of the park and contextualise them within a wider social and cultural frame, while exploring his own response to the setting within the themes of his current research.

Bobby Sayers:
 'Krásné Svět (beautiful world)' Photography Jacek Hubner
‘Krásné Svět (beautiful world)’ Photography by Jacek Hubner

Bobby Sayers uses colour, shape, and form to create site-specific sculptures, installations and performances that challenge traditional notions of beauty and value, examining the sublime within the everyday.

The hue of a post box becomes the detail on a sculpture; text from a van becomes as profound as a Buddhist mantra; the corner of a take away sign becomes significant in its placement on a gallery wall. The objects and gestures he creates all show the traces of their origin. Using digital printed photographs, bright coloured gloss paints over forms rendered in textured plaster, or bright Fimo clay moulded by hand, the evidence of the maker or the structures supporting the artworks, usually peripheral, are elevated.

Sayers’ has exhibited and sold artwork across the U.K. and Europe; Primary, Pipe Factory, Surface Gallery and Xero, Kline & Koma are among some of the galleries he has shown with.

Lada Wilson:

After living in a number of countries, Croatian-born Dutch artist and curator Lada Wilson made her home in Scotland. She has just completed her Masters of Fine Art, Art Society & Publics at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. In her art practice, Lada transforms words from different languages into objets trouvés that lead to participatory events. Recent work includes resonate, Centrespace, VRC, DJCAD, 2014; through an intimate and personal exploration of the wealth of texts held by abcD, Wilson created a new artwork which used words and images from selected books as triggers for new narratives. Wilson also curated a series of projects for the Matthew Cabinet Gallery, DJCAD, Dundee throughout 2013-2014 entitled interAction(s) and performed at PerformingNow, GENERATORprojects, Dundee, 2013.


Micro Residency:
The two-day Micro Residency is an opportunity to research and/or make work in response to the site and most importantly to share and exchange ideas with others. Micro Residents will utilise the Park Centre where desk space and basic materials will be supplied, as well as lunch. The site provides opportunities to experiment with screen-based work, to test or document new work, particularly sculptural or installation floor-based work and to share ideas with others. Inspired by the social and democratic ethos of the community’s Park Centre, May Meet In Mutual is intrigued by how Open Source methodology could inform artistic practice.

More Information:
May Meet In Mutual: exhibition of site-responsive sculptural and performance work by Sogol MabadiEmma Reid & Craig Thomson.

Exhibition and Events Key Dates:
Micro Residency: 27 & 28 August, 10am-4.30pm (not open to the public).
Open Install: 29 August, 3-6pm
Preview with Open Stage: 29 August, 6-9pm
Conversation over Coffee with Annie Crabtree and Beth Savage: 30 August, 3-4pm
Exhibition Open: 30 August & 31 August, 10am-4pm

This project is co-curated by MMIM (Emma Reid & Katie Reid) and initial project development was informed through conversations with Hannah Moitt.
With thanks to Maryfield Regeneration Team and the Friends of Baxter Park.
This project is supported by the Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust and IdeasTap.

For information about the original Open Call please see our Archive pages:

[May Meet In Mutual] Emma Reid & Katie Reid organising collaborative projects & bringing artists together.

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